Party Planning

Attending amazing parties in Dubai is one thing, hosting unforgettable ones is a completely different ballgame!

We have been in the event management field for quite some time, we understand a little all too well the number of things that go into throwing a party that your guests actually enjoy.

From selecting the right venue and the right décor to serving the right kind of food, not to mention the arrangement of party activities that are to happen within the event,

Dubai Wedding Team is happy to help with it all! So leave everything to us while you just focus on one thing: having fun!

Whether you are looking for luxury party planning services for hosting an amazing birthday, or an elegant engagement ceremony or even any of those fun filled pre or post wedding parties or activities; our teams of experts are the only ones you need to consult. We know that our clients count on us to host exquisite events for them and we go every step of the way to ensure we handle this responsibility well.

We make it a priority to really get to know our client and what exactly they are looking for. This insight then later helps us to set up a party which is as interesting as they are.

Whether you are looking for more intimate events with just a few loved ones in attendance or a full-blown come-whoever pre wedding party, Dubai Wedding Team will be more than delighted to host your event for you in the ever stunning city of Dubai.

Making Memories That Last a Lifetime with Dubai Wedding Team

It isn’t just the Indian culture alone where weddings are such prized events; western cultures consider wedding events to be as significant as any other. Just to mention a few: we have seen Americans where the rehearsal dinner is as fancy as the wedding itself but we are also experienced on the Norwegians who kiss each other underneath the main table anytime they hear the crowd or let’s just mention the British who should be awarded by the number of their wedding speeches. But no matter where you are coming from Dubai Wedding Team can arrange the classiest, most elegant ambience for the couple to exchange their vows with special and undivided attention to the couple’s cultural background.

Now you can imagine all the hard work that goes into hosting a spectacular Dubai destination wedding!

Dubai Wedding Team know how important it is to find the perfect ballroom, let alone two! Or the perfect caterer if you decide to invite your lady guests into the comfort of your home. Celebrate the cherished wedding ceremony free of restrictions you face in everyday life and rest assured you and the pictures capturing your precious moments will be well taken care of.

If you know anything about the Indian weddings, you probably have some idea about how weddings are the Mother of all Events in their culture. There are several events that lead up to the main wedding event.