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Weddings in Dubai are grand, elaborate and fun. Guest numbers range between 100-200 for Western weddings, starting from 250 and more for Indian weddings and 500 or more for Arabic weddings usually. But with more than a hundred nationalities present in the city, Dubai showcases the most colorful wedding celebrations in the world. Dubai Wedding Team has seen many, and you can believe there are hardly any questions we have not heard.

Wedding venues in Dubai

Most couples prefer to come to Dubai for it’s white sandy beaches. The best time for an outdoor wedding is between November till April, when the average temperature is below 30 degrees. Areas preferred for outdoor venues are Jumeirah Beach, Palm Jumeirah or the Jumeirah Beach Residence. In Dubai 5-star hotels dominate the wedding venue market. There are close to a hundred hotels offering wedding services. Out of these there are only a handful which truly defined as a wedding property. These ones will typically have multiple venues both indoor (ballroom) and outdoor (lawn area) and a poolside venue where pre- or post-wedding functions can be organized. Hotel developments are continuously taking place so there is always something to be excited about; there is always something new.

But it’s not all about the hotels

The opera house opened its doors in 2016 and offers its services for weddings as well. There are more and more polo clubs and desert resorts which will give you a different experience, all set in a luxurious
5-star environment. In case you are looking to invite a thousand or more guests and planning to build up a unique concept, decor and stage – than there is the World Trade Center.

Destination wedding in Dubai

If you are thinking about planning a destination wedding you will need to make sure you will be able to accommodate all your wedding guests. For this you might need around 150 – 500 rooms. Hotels usually cannot give all their rooms for a single group, because they have other commitments, contracts too and are selling their rooms on different channels at the same time. But in Dubai hotels are large enough to accommodate for even this number of rooms if you think about a destination wedding in Dubai.

Wedding design

Decoration depends on the couple’s needs but can range from simple centerpieces to more elaborate backdrops to hanging decors that can fill in the space of even a 8 m high ballroom. On many weddings you will find full custom wedding concept that is produced by a creative team. This is usually built from the ground up with tables, furniture, catwalk, backdrops, video-mapping uniquely created for your event only. There are no limits in terms of the production, except the budget. Our Dubai Wedding Planners will be glad to walk you through the process

Wedding food & beverage menu

5-star hotel wedding buffet menus are lavish and offer a wide selection. Depending in the nationality of the guests the menu can include international, arabic, indian or asian dishes but it is always possible to upgrade your menu with live stations, flowing canapés throughout the event or delicacies imported from any part of the world. Plated, served meals that are are also available for weddings but they are much less often Soft drinks are included in some of the venues during the time of the dinner or the entire night, other more popular venues will charge for a soft drinks package. Alcoholic beverages are available in the hotels but be prepared to budget for a package minimum as much as you will pay for the dinner menu.

Time frame

If you are looking to plan a stress free wedding which is a bigger one then you are looking between 4-6 months, in case your wedding is smaller than you need around 2-4 months. If you want to create a custom design, get the best deals and have a choice of great venues than leave yourself plenty of time between 6-9 months.