10 Venue Tips You Need for Your Wedding in Dubai

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been planning for months, chances are organizing your big day is pretty overwhelming.

With these 10 simple venue tips for your wedding in Dubai planning just got a whole lot easier!

Let’s get into it:

1. Know your Budget

This key factor is going to determine how you plan and book everything else from here on out, so determining your budget must be your first step.

Keeping track of the long list of expenses doesn’t have to be all up to you though, with services dedicated to keeping an up-to-date budget ready for you it can be a breeze.

After you’ve established your budget decide what matters most and what you’re okay with saving a bit on and stick with it!

2. How Long is your Guest List?

Knowing roughly how many guests you plan to have in attendance is a close second in importance to knowing your budget, as this will impact everything from venue options to catering needs.

A good rule of thumb in this part of the process is to estimate for slightly more guests than you plan to invite. On the day of, it’s better to have slightly more than you need than to find yourself coming up short because of originally unaccounted for guests.

3. Lodging Options for your Wedding in Dubai

Chances are your wedding in Dubai is a destination wedding that your loved ones will be traveling for, so booking accommodations is an added item on top of normal wedding planning woes.

Aside from how the event itself goes, the accommodations for you and your guests can make or break the experience as a whole.

You can leave booking and up to a hospitality management service.


If you’re looking to take care of lodging and a reception venue all in one, venues like the beautiful JW Marriott Dubai are a phenomenal choice.

4. Location, Location, Location

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding in Dubai is the almost countless options for wedding venues.

You can have your big day at a beautiful beach or desert resort, a golf or polo club, or a downtown hotel.

None of those sound appealing?

You can also book your big day on a private island.

5. Don’t Overlook Lighting

A potential problem and added cost that can easily be overlooked is lighting.

When deciding on a venue check out the lighting that’s already in place, determine whether or not it fits your vision for your wedding, then go from there.

Consider things like whether they’re fluorescent or incandescent lights, the lighting’s ability to be dimmed or turned off as needed, and any focal points in the space you may want to emphasize using light.

If the venue’s lighting fits your needs, perfect! If not, you can take this into account and work with a lighting designer to make sure your needs are met.

6. Decide on Decor

From furniture, place settings, and center pieces to backdrops and archways picking out decor can be a challenge.

Whether your dream wedding in Dubai includes a fun theme or you have a clear vision of a day of opulence there are plenty of options available.

If you’re trying to plan your big day on a budget decor is a great place to cut expenses by making simple substitutions for what can be pricey purchases.

For instance: instead of archways opt for flowing drapes or balloons on either side of you and your groom.

7. Document your Big Day

The memories you’ll make on your wedding day are ones you’ll cherish for years to come, so make sure you’re documenting as much as you can.

For some, this may mean live streaming the event so loved ones that can’t make it to your wedding in Dubai can still share the moment with you.

For others, this may mean a photo booth for guests to share and make memories with or a separate day creative photo shoot with the wedding party.

No matter your needs, we can help provide you with the best photographers and videographers Dubai has to offer.

8. Choose Entertainment

Do you want a band or a solo guitar player that sings?

Do you want to skip the live music altogether and opt for a DJ instead?

Do you want non-traditional entertainment and want to put on a show for your guests with belly-dancers or some other act?

These are questions everyone planning a wedding has to ask themselves.

Regardless of your answers, booking the entertainment for your wedding in Dubai will be one of the easiest things you have to do as there are endless quality options to choose from!

9. Pick your Flowers

Your flowers can take your wedding from a quaint, cozy affair to one of absolute opulence.

However, much like decor, your flowers are a place where making a budget work can be possible!

Opting for flowers that are in season, or if you can, flowers that are grown locally can seriously help out any budget-conscious wedding planning!

10. Make your Menu

Forget the old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” because on your big day nothing could be less true!

Your wedding in Dubai is bound to be a beautiful event, but the food and beverage are just as important if not more so than any other detail.

On top of choosing a menu that will make both your guests and your budget happy, having alcohol on the menu can be even more tricky. Dubai has strict alcohol licensing laws so if you’d like his and hers themed drinks to be part of your big day book accordingly!

It may seem like a lot, but planning your dream wedding in Dubai doesn’t have to be hard!

Now that you’re equipped with these 10 venue tips you’re one step closer to executing the event of your dreams.

Still don’t feel ready to tackle it all alone? You don’t have to!

Contact us for all of your venue and wedding planning needs.

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