5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Dubai

With its record-breaking buildings, east-meets-west culture, and glittering coastline, Dubai has made a name for itself as a top travel destination.

In fact, more than 8 million tourists visited Dubai in the first half of 2017. Those numbers are steadily climbing each year.

If you’re looking for an exotic spot to hold your destination wedding, look no further than Dubai.

Read on for our top 5 reasons to hold your destination wedding in Dubai.

5 Reasons Dubai Is the Perfect Setting for Your Destination Wedding

Dubai has a lot to offer any tourist, but it’s especially well-suited for a destination wedding. Here’s why.

1. A Beautiful Natural Setting on the Persian Gulf Coast

Dubai abuts to the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, giving visitors miles of beaches to explore.

You can choose from free, public beaches–which often get crowded on Fridays–and more exclusive, pay-to-enter options.

Dubai is also home to several artificial islands, including the palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah.

2. Countless One-of-a-Kind Venues

Dubai’s wedding venues are unlike any other. The city is home to some of the most iconic hotels, skyscrapers, and architecture in the world.

That skyline includes Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. At over 2,716 feet tall, the top decks of this building offer sweeping, panoramic views of the region.

Dubai is also home to countless other hotels and resorts. Whatever setting you imagine for your dream wedding, you can find it in the city.

3. Its Multicultural Heritage

One of Dubai’s biggest draws is its unique, multicultural identity. Owing to its status as a global business hub, 83 percent of the city’s residents are foreign-born.

That means you get the chance to sample an interesting mix of food, customs, and surroundings during your visit.

Take the opportunity to soak up the local surroundings during your wedding trip. You can sample fusion and authentic cuisine in the city’s thousands of restaurants. Be sure to try some local Emirati favorites like machboos, luqaimat, and khameer and chebab.

Because Dubai has such an international population, you’ll find the local customs are less strict than they are in other Middle Eastern cities. If you’re a first-time traveler to the region, Dubai is a great introduction to the local culture.

4. Plenty of Options for a Luxurious Honeymoon

If you’re ready to relax, Dubai is the place to do it. Part the reason this city is such a hot destination is its commitment to luxury, glamour, and the finer things in life.

You have endless ways to spend your honeymoon. For instance, you can:

  • Schedule a spa visit at one of the city’s countless resorts
  • Visit a tropical oasis on Dubai’s artificial islands
  • Take in the vibrant nightlife
  • Tour the city’s green spaces and gardens
  • Shop at luxury stores and traditional markets
  • Book a private yacht tour

5. Options for Adventurers, Too

If you and your soon-to-be spouse prefer to ditch the glam surroundings for something more thrilling, Dubai has you covered.

The city’s coastline is a great place to go sailing, diving, or windsurfing.

You can also take a 4×4 on a safari through the nearby desert or plan a hike through the Hajar Mountain range.

If you’re looking for a new point of view on the city’s landmarks, you and your betrothed can book a skydiving trip.

Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding in Dubai

Dubai is a modern, multicultural city. However, you should acclimate yourself to the region’s culture and etiquette norms before you arrive for your big day.

Check into Your Venue’s Alcohol Policy

Dubai is, at its heart, a Muslim city. Accordingly, the alcohol policy at certain venues can be strict.

That said, you can offer your guests a drink on your big day. You just need to be sure your chosen venue is licensed to serve alcohol.

You should also take a conservative approach when you’re out in the city. Drinking in public is strictly forbidden. If you’re mingling with local residents, it’s best to avoid alcohol unless it’s offered.

Send Out Save the Dates Well in Advance

You should give your guests ample time to make travel plans for any destination wedding, especially one in an international location.

Your wedding party needs time to get their visas in order and make hotel plans.

It’s important to note, cohabitation of unmarried couples is forbidden in Dubai. This isn’t something many tourists suffer consequences for, but if you and your guests want to play it safe, recommend they book separate rooms.

That’s also a big reason why many couples officially wed in their home country before traveling to their destination wedding in Dubai.

Bring a Conservative Wardrobe

You won’t have to wear traditional attire–and women generally don’t need to worry about headscarves–but you should bring along some conservative clothing for your trip.

In general, Muslim countries tend to be more formal than Western societies. You’ll fit in much better if you ditch the cut-off shorts and flip-flops and wear something more dignified.

That said, swimwear is accepted and expected on the beach or by the pool.

Women planning to visit a mosque will have to wear a head covering. Many mosques provide these to tourists, but it doesn’t hurt to bring along scarves of your own.

If you’re feeling lost on what to wear, loose-fitting clothing is a safe bet. Loose clothes have the added bonus of keeping you cool in the city’s heat, too.

Plan a Date Between October and March

When it comes to planning a destination wedding in Dubai, your date matters.

As you might guess, this Middle Eastern city runs hot. Summer temperatures easily top 100 degrees. A June wedding might make sense in the U.S., but you’re better off planning a fall or winter ceremony in Dubai.

If you can’t handle months of triple-digit heat, avoid the city between April and September.

Let Us Plan Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Dubai

Are you ready to start planning your big day? Let the Dubai Wedding Team help make your destination wedding unforgettable.

We can plan every detail of your ceremony and reception. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

Contact us today to get started.

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