Why Your Dubai Wedding Needs Dubai Wedding Planners

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and it is a huge tourist attraction for people from both the Middle East and the West. It’s also the perfect place for a picturesque destination wedding. To get the day of a lifetime, though, you’ll need Dubai wedding planners.

Some people skip hiring a wedding planner from Dubai in favor of working with someone close to home who they can work with in person. While it’s always nice being able to meet someone face to face, for a Dubai wedding, you should really work with a professional from the city.

Read on for why you need a Dubai wedding planner and how to find the perfect one for your big day.

1. They’re Familiar With The Culture

Dubai isn’t just a gorgeous destination, it’s also an immersive cultural experience. This is an amazing opportunity, but it can also turn into a problem if you don’t know the rules and customs of the city.

Dubai wedding planners know the laws about where you can consume alcohol, how guests should dress in public and when the weather will be best for a ceremony. Someone from out of town would have to research all of these details, and you still might miss something incredibly important.

You shouldn’t have to worry that someone unfamiliar with Dubai culture will accidentally make a huge mistake when planning your wedding.

2. Dubai Wedding Planners Find The Best Deals

This is something to consider when planning any destination wedding, not just one in Dubai. Working with a wedding planner who lives in your target destination will ensure you get the best deals on each aspect of your wedding.

They likely have relationships with catering companies and hotels already that they can use to their advantage when negotiating for deals. They also know where to go to get the best prices for anything you might be looking for and will know where you can cut corners instead of paying full price.

3. They’ll Know How To Accommodate Your Guests

If you’ve never visited Dubai before, odds are that your guests have never been, either. Where should they stay? What should they do while they’re there?

Dubai wedding planners can pull together any relevant information to send to guests along with their invitations to help them prepare for the trip. They’ll also know the best hotels to stay in that can accommodate a range of budgets.

Once the guests have arrived, the wedding planner can give recommendations for attractions and activities to experience while they’re in Dubai.

4. They Can Meet With Vendors In Person

One of the challenges of a destination wedding is having to coordinate everything remotely. It can be frustrating having to decide on aspects of your wedding if you can’t be there in person, or have to conduct every meeting over the phone or via email.

Hiring Dubai wedding planners solve this problem. Since they’re already on the ground in Dubai, they can meet with all of the vendors in person to handle everything for you. They can also inspect the ceremony and reception spaces to make sure that they match your expectations.

5. You’ll Know Your Timeline

Trying to figure out the timeline of wedding planning is hard enough in your home country. If you’re not familiar with weddings, you have no way of knowing how far in advance things like floral arrangements or catering should be booked. Throw in a foreign country and wedding planning can seem impossible.

A wedding planner at your destination, however, will know all these ins-and-outs already. They can create a timeline for you both for the months leading up to the ceremony and for the day itself so that you don’t have to worry.

6. All The Little Details Are Covered

Does your chosen venue have rules about what you can hang on the walls? Are there local laws about what you can do outdoors? Are there any aspects of your ceremony that you’d need special permission for?

These are questions that you might not think to ask, and an out-of-town wedding planner might assume the answers incorrectly. Dubai wedding planners will already know the small details about wedding planning and can make sure everything is accounted for and in order.

7. You Don’t Have To Pay To Fly In A Planner

Here’s the thing about working with a wedding planner from your hometown for a destination wedding — your end costs will be much higher because you have to pay for all of their travel expenses. That means paying for their flight, their hotel, and potentially their food, plus expenses for any staff they might bring with them.

Instead, avoid this by working with Dubai wedding planners, who are already in the city and won’t require you to pay their travel expenses.

8. Your Wedding Day Will Be Stress-Free

One of the biggest advantages of having a wedding planner is knowing that the actual day of your wedding will be free of stress. You won’t have to worry about last-minute vendor issues, schedule changes, or coordinating any day-of details. Dubai wedding planners will have everything handled for you, so all you have to do is enjoy your day.

Your wedding should be an incredible experience, not a source of stress. A wedding planner will make this a reality for you.

How To Find Your Wedding Planner

When choosing a planner, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Know your budget, what you want the business relationship to look like, and a basic vision of what you want your wedding to look like.

Then, ask the wedding planner about things like their communication style, experience, and the scope of the work they usually do. This will help you get a sense of how they’ll work with you and what they have experience with handling.

For weddings in Dubai, look no further than Dubai Wedding Team. We are passionate about weddings and ready to help you create a day you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Check out our services to find out more about how we can help.

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