Beautiful Decoration Ideas for the Perfect Dubai Wedding

The most beautiful weddings lie in the details. It begins with the dress, then the bouquet, the cake, and most of all- the venue decor. A beautiful wedding in Dubai will make for an unforgettable wedding day for both you and your guests.

To have a Dubai wedding that stands out from the rest, it’s important to both personalize the venue using unique decorations. Depending on your budget, there are many fantastic options to choose from when it comes to floral arrangements and other creative decor solutions.

Keep your wedding original, luxurious, and tailored for the bride and groom with careful planning and solid wedding research. Combine ancestral traditions of the past with modern wedding elements for a meaningful, high-style wedding day.

We’ve done the wedding decor research for you and have created the ultimate guide for your wedding in Dubai:

1. Dubai Flower Power

Your bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, the floral arrangements for the tables, and the floral arrangements around the venue all need to be treated like a creation of a piece of artwork might. With careful planning of the wedding concept, decide on the colors and features of every flower that will be in attendance at your wedding.

Dubai is a bold, vibrant city. Your flower arrangements do not need to shy away from Dubai’s inherent color pattern.

Consider bright, bold yellows, oranges, and reds for your wedding in Dubai. Most brides choose a wedding dress that is either white, cream or ivory, so add color elsewhere.

It’s okay to let your flowers speak loudly with beautiful, rich jewel tones for your Dubai wedding. The bride will sparkle as the shining diamond of the event, enraptured by a beautiful floral Dubai garden surrounding her.

Create floristic individuality with rare, exotic flowers your guests won’t expect. Stay true to the indigenous flowers that grow in Dubai. Consider Flame tree flowers, Frangipani, Tropical Hibiscus and Bougainvillaea in your floral arrangements.

If you’ve already got your color pattern set and need a yellow, use the Yellow trumpet flower. Shower your venue with large Date palms at the venue entrance or around your outdoor dance floor. Set the tone and vibe for your Dubai wedding by staying true to Dubai’s natural beauty.

2. Stage It

A major decoration element to your wedding can be your stage. It can be a standout feature for your big day. The stage is the focal point where speeches can be made, the DJ can be set, and you and your spouse can be introduced as official newlyweds.

Dubai weddings often revolve around fairytale themed extravaganzas. Some Dubai weddings use Venetian and Borque styles, too. Regardless of your desired vision, choose a stage that best accompanies what you’re going for.

You can mesmerize your guests with a beautifully lit stage for wedding speeches or even dancing. Have a stage built that lights up in beautiful shades of violet or blue for your guests to enter your venue on.

Consider building a smaller, circular table in the middle of your wedding dining room for the bride and groom’s dining table to sit atop. That way, all of your guests in the venue can see the beloved couple whenever they please during the dinner portion.

With so many people coming to your wedding, it’s important to feel like your guests can see you enjoying the day they came to celebrate. With a raised platform, you’ll make everyone feel included and special. Many stages can be lit in whatever color you’d like.

3. Heat Up Your Dubai Wedding with Fire

Have you ever considered fire as a production element in the decor for your Dubai wedding? Fire is a mesmerizing element. In a Dubai wedding, hire skilled fire dancers to perform various routines with batons of fire.

Adding fire to your wedding will create an entertaining aspect your special day that your guests will never forget. Fire dancers can perform a rehearsed routine special to you and your new spouse, or they can parade the venue performing various tricks with fire.

A hot option, fire can make your wedding a daring and exotic paradise that will rival the city of Dubai. The dancers will add a rush of excitement as they fire lights up the night sky on your magical night.

If you’re looking for a little drama on your wedding day, bring in the fire.

4. Decorate Your Guests

Your Dubai wedding venue isn’t the only thing that can be decorated, your guests can be too. Hire a henna tattoo artists to offer your guests mehndi and Arabic henna tattoos during your reception.

There is a tradition of applying henna on an Arabic, Indian or Pakistani bride for her wedding day. Share this beautiful tradition with all of the guests invited to your dream day.

Serving great alcoholic Dubai inspired drinks at your wedding? Even better.

Your guests will loosen up and get in line just to get a henna tattoo as a souvenir from your wedding. Your guests will adore posting their bride and groom themed henna tattoos on their social media accounts. Make sure they know your wedding hashtag!

With henna tattoos, your guests can dive into the exotic paradise that is a Dubai wedding. As they cast inhibitions aside and decorate their hands, arms, or ankles, you’ll get everyone into the spirit of your Dubai event.

If you really want to go luxe, hire a tattoo vendor that can perform the new and trendy gold henna art. They are 100% safe and nickel-free. The gold henna tattoos are even biocompatible.

Replace traditional ink with this metal looking option and your guests will be dripping in gold from the dance floor to their accommodations later that evening.

Aim High For A Wedding in Dubai

Your wedding day should be everything you dreamed it would be and then some. With an exceptional team behind you to help you execute and finesse the fine decor details of your wedding, you’ll have a stress-free day that you’ll always remember.

Leave no stone unturned by hiring the best there is when it comes to Dubai weddings. If you’re ready to plan your fairytale wedding, contact us today.

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