Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer in Dubai

For engaged couples, the wedding day is amongst the most memorable and important in a lifetime. From the bride getting ready, to departing for the honeymoon, it is imperative for a professional to capture every moment.

It is for this reason that 9 out of 10 couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding day. With a photographer on the wedding team, you can rest assured that all the most precious moments are captured for a lifetime.

Read on to learn the best tips for hiring a wedding photographer in Dubai.

Wedding Photographer in Dubai – What Should you be Looking for?

Before hiring a photographer, make a list of what skills and experience you are looking for. There are a number of different evaluation factors to consider when making a final decision.

Your evaluation should certainly include a review of the photographer’s portfolio, chemistry, professionalism, and experience.

Other important criteria include the equipment being utilized, the post-wedding package, style, and creativity.

Lastly, your final decision must fall within your personal budget.

First Things First – Is the Photographer Experienced?

This is something that you can check for on the photographer’s website. Some things to specifically look for are where the photographer was trained.

In addition, you will want to verify the photographer has experience shooting weddings. Browse the online portfolio and ensure you can preview some other wedding portraits.

Another thing to investigate is how many years experience the photographer has. You do not want to risk hiring a rookie.

Lastly, do not settle for reviews highlighted on the photographer’s website. In order to read more balanced and objective feedback, you should search for reviews of wedding photographers in Dubai.

If this thorough online evaluation is a success, experience is still an area to discuss in person before making a financial commitment. Make sure the photographer has shot ample weddings and that you enjoy the wedding photos in his or her portfolio.

Their portfolio will provide insight into other evaluation factors like style and creativity.

Professionalism is an Underrated Evaluation Factor

Let’s start off by talking about expectations for professionalism. The first indicator that a photographer may be unprofessional is the way they conduct themselves.

The only way to verify this is with a face-to-face meeting before making a commitment.

Lay out your vision and expectations for the photographer. If he or she constantly cuts you off, it is a clear sign that this is about them and not you.

Another negative indicator is if the photographer is loud and obnoxious. This is yet another sign that they crave attention.

Lastly, check with the photographer on what they plan to wear on your big day.

Make sure that his or her attire is compatible with the theme of the wedding. The last thing you need is the photographer showing up in shorts and sneakers to a formal event.

You Should Have Personal Chemistry with the Photographer

This is another evaluation factor that requires a face-to-face meeting. You need to feel out the photographer and staff for a working chemistry.

First and foremost, having a good relationship with your photographer means they will be around you more often. This presence may equal more great shots.

Some will note that photographers should be invisible at a wedding; seen infrequently and heard even less. There is some degree of truth to this for intimate shots capturing live action moments.

However, the photographer will also manage planned poses. The photographer will spend a considerable amount of time shooting the family and bridal party.

As a matter of fact, the photographer will accompany the bride as she gets her hair and makeup done long before the festivities begin.

If the client-photographer relationship lacks chemistry, the bride may not act herself during this productive period.

Avoid this negative situation by hiring a photographer that you click with.

Does the Photographer’s Style Mesh With Yours?

At this point, we have covered all of the mandatory evaluation factors. Typically, you can’t work with a photographer that you don’t get along with or is unprofessional.

Unlike these factors, style is adaptable. A good photographer should be able to adapt to the bride and groom’s preferences.

Nevertheless, it is still a big positive if the photographer’s style naturally meshes with the client.

Some photographers excel in shooting portraits, but that is a rather limited skill set for a wedding. Perhaps you are really into photojournalistic shots.

In this style, the photographer is not going to rely on planned poses. Rather, the shots will capture intimate or funny moments that tell a story.

Another photography style you may prefer is illustrative. This style places an emphasis on lighting and backgrounds.

For instance, the photographer may snap a spontaneous shot of the couple holding hands with a wave crashing down in the background.

How the photographer utilizes natural lighting is also important to style. A good photographer will skip the flash and use natural lighting to his or her advantage. Only the most skilled photographers can do this exclusively.

Do You Want to Hire More Than One Photographer?

This is an important question as hiring an additional photographer is certainly beneficial. The downside is that it will absolutely drive the cost up.

If you can afford to bring in more than one, the benefits are enormous. In the early part of the day, the two photographers can split and tackle the bride and groom separately.

The second benefit is sheer volume. With two photographers you will get twice as many photos to choose from when constructing a wedding album.

This added volume will be complemented by different angles, lighting, and settings.

Lastly, the divide and conquer approach will be helpful during the reception. One photographer can focus on the bride and groom, while the other takes photojournalistic shots of d?cor and guests.

Wrapping It Up

Selecting a photographer is a very important decision to making your wedding day perfect.

Evaluation factors such as professionalism and chemistry are show-stoppers. If they do not exist, you should continue searching.

Other factors like creativity and style are tailorable to the client but should be discussed before your big day.

For any additional questions about hiring a wedding photographer in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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